The most universal knee pads on the market

  • Super Light Weight

    Made to be super lightweight, you'll 

    forget you're even wearing them. 

  • Machine Washable

    All materials used to make up the knee pad are easy clean and machine washable. There is no gel etc within the pad that can burst. You also don't need to take anything off the pads, all materials within the pad are machine washable.

  • EVA Foam Comfort

    Our customers say these are the most comfortable pads on the market. We have tested the knee pads with 100s of professionals to make sure we have found the most comfortable pad, so our customers can work all day without any knee pain. 

  • Non Marring Coating

    The pad face has a hardwearing soft shell protective coating, that will be durable on any surface, without scratching any floors you are working on. 

  • Extra Wide Dual Straps

    The pads have extra wide dual straps to hug the leg both below and above the knee. This stops any folding and pinching of the straps. They also allow full flexibility while working, adding support to the knee.

Durable all day comfort that moulds to your knee.

Truu Original Knee pads. The ultimate knee pads for any tradesman or DIY job. Minimalistic lightweight design.

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  • Jack Bryan (Flooring)

    “These are now my go to knee pads, so comfy and light. Also don't find myself re adjusting them every 5 minutes like other brands.”

  • Terry Hughs (Tiler)

    “I was lucky enough to be selected to test these knee pads throughout the development. Great company that listened to feedback. The final product is definitely the best on the market, I will always use these knee pads going forward. I'm a tiler by trade.”

  • Ben Williams (Plumber)

    “Been using Truu knee pads for about 4 months now, they are brilliant, haven't had any issues with them so far. seem very well made and durable. I have been sat on the sofa not realising I'm still wearing them, they are that comfy.”

  • Shaun Arthur (Flooring)

    “Wish I had found these knee pads sooner. I have been been wearing trousers as always found the pads better, until another fitter mentioned these he was testing, they are awesome and I can now finally wear shorts all year.”

  • Dean Brown (Block Paving & Driveways)

    “I have tried so many different models of knee pads and haven't got on with any. I've found they either have really uncomfy straps or they slip. These are the first I've found that I have actually really got on with, will use these until I retire. Hopefully soon. ”

  • Carl Chalk (Flooring)

    “If you're about to buy new knee pads and are looking at new models. Seriously try these, you won't change once you have used them.”

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